A friend’s path to health………………………

A friend, close enough to my heart 😉 to write of well, has recently been going through some ‘health’ challenges.  I say ‘through’ as nothing in this world stops or stays the same. She 😉 and I both believe that.

There are those readers who want to know what is going on with her, they’re getting requests for prayer, and her previous seeming excellent health, and perky attitudes seem in conflict with the present health threats.  An accurate medical term, not  even her really good Doctors seem to know……….. yet.

That said: she’s had a painful, really hurtful pain beneath her left breast, up the middle of her chest that lodges where her Adam’s Apple would be if she had one, as a hard to swallow knot.

At the back right of her spine in that side’s middle, there is a throbbing that seems to pulse all over the body.  The Blood Pressure is scary high considering she is taking medicine. Because of the Scary High Blood Pressure, and the intense pain beneath her left breast, the medicine’s dosages have been increased and  new ones added to a her previous ones.

She’s gone to a fair assortment of Medical  Professionals, and endured numerous  tests, thorough tests, and more tests on the way.  Now she can say with certainty and lots of humble  and genuine Gratitude, what she does not have.  Yay God!

She’s been in her church regularly, a church that has experienced definitive Miracles after Love’s Prayers and Hands. She considers God to be the Reason she is in as excellent shape as she is in, and the foundation of all good medical works, and the great sciences and discoveries made by medical professionals. She is Thankful, deeply thankful for all prayers and fully expects God’s Good, for God is Good, and only God is Good.

While waiting,  affirmations of  her perfect health whisper through her lips, often through the day. Those affirmations are how she deals with the thoughts of fear, and chaos, and unknown possibilities.  Too, when she comes across someone speaking doom and destruction she finds other things with which to occupy her thoughts. Compassionate are her thoughts for those people who think in terms of negatives: pollutions, and harmful substances, hateful attitudes and situations. And compassion for herself with what she believes are thoughts more true, and the Trump to overwhelm whatever horror:  there is MORE beauty, and good and health and rightness and kindness, and laughter and joy.

In one of her favorite kitchen analogies: a spoonful of sugar will smother a speck of pepper.

About Alice Horton

Grateful, Graced, Divinely Graced, Blessed, Favored, Humbled, Awed, Amazed.
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