Absent from our Thanksgiving table

will be:

The people who have chosen attitudes of entitlement, resentment, and ego aggrandizement.

Too, the people who have belittled me, mine, ours, to my face with their words of judgementalism, and their ignorant attention to our innermost, personal, Holy Spirit guided, reverent, spiritual, Christ walks…………and found them lacking.

Too, the people who criticized and demeaned and diminished, my near daily involvement with my mother’s quality of care facility care……………….that too, they found  lacking.

Also, the people who have mocked and demeaned and resented us because we Tithed, and worked and scrimped and saved, and in general, restrained our selves, and many of our appetites so that we could help others, and give to others, and to them………..

and they found it lacking.

Absent too will be the children who they did not teach self respect or respect for other people and their property.  The same ones in whom they excused and tolerated rude and sullen attitudes and resentment, and their outright refusal to learn or use simple courtesies.

All those qualities for themselves and their offspring’s, …………….. they found lacking.

Absent too, will be the people to whom we once gave good gifts, which were not greeted with a ‘Thank You’, but instead,  words of resentment and whining, that they could not ‘afford’ to give good gifts.

Absent too will be the people who have looked at our modest, common, small, suburb home, and declared us, and our home, ‘Showy’.

Somewhere else Thanksgiving Day, will be the people who criticized our friends and called them ‘Snobs’ and other diminishing names.

Absent from our Thanksgiving Table will be the people who have pointed their fingers at us, and not seen the three fingers clutched by their thumbs, pointing back to them, as they snickered and twittered like ninnies.

And what they found lacking in us, and our ways and our lives……………………….is going to the Salvation Army and our local food bank.

These are the people who will be absent from our Thanksgiving table,  but not our hearts and our most reverent prayers.

About Alice Horton

Grateful, Graced, Divinely Graced, Blessed, Favored, Humbled, Awed, Amazed.
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