To Turn Back Time

is a subject that comes to my thoughts, occasionally. If I could, would I? And if I could and would, to which point would I turn back time and its events?

A beloved is in the hospital, again.  An accident.  Perhaps there was too much hurry when there was no real reason to rush. Perhaps there were other thoughts.  However it all came to be, now there are broken bones to heal, (the pain of bones is indeed pain), and the sores along the backside and butt are other kinds of pain and discomfort.

It is not the first break of a bone,  in the lifetime of my friend, but my hope is that it will be the last.

My Beloved’s stay in a hospital has sprinkled with challenges all through the days and nights.  Vital signs must be checked, medications given/taken, nourishments in, and then out. None on the schedule of a patient, the patient’s bowel ways, or the pain. 

Preparation and practices in waiting is an unwritten absolute rule.

Whether it is my friend or the Nursing professional in attendance, there are demands for patience, compassion’s composure insists on some ‘tongue-biting’, (and that is another kind of pain) by everyone involved.

Many are the times I’ve said: ‘This aging human body is not for sissies.’.  True as that is, also I must remember to learn from observations of other people’s physical examples.  Slow down, pay attention to ‘whatever’ I am doing. Not rush through much of anything.


These are a few random thoughts and ponderances. NO professional advices of any kind are given. AH


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