What a descriptive word!  What a word of revelation!

For it is by the consistencies we are known and shown.

As an example:  My day to day doings are thickened with people.  Real life flesh and blood people.  The minutes turn to hours and then days, with conversations, visits, letters from ad to, or research into their particular situation and need.

In my heart of hearts there are those times I consider other possible pursuits and uses of ‘me’, ‘my time’, and ‘my energy’.   But in review, it is mostly a mental review of possibility.

In review of most any of my days,  of the seven day week, my actions and inactions are on a schedule not too different from the tea towels I embroidered as a child.

Mondays are for laundry. Tuesdays are for mending. Wednesdays are for reading.

Too, there is the Maintenance and Repair of the human body I inhabit.

My first greeting upon waking is ‘Thank you Lord!’.  All through the day are many, many, ‘I am grateful!’  statements.  Heartfelt , genuine, sometimes specific, other times in the awesomeness of what is almost overwhelming: ‘Thank you Lord!’.

In response to the people who wonder aloud, who ask me,  “How are you so happy? or positive, or upbeat, or pleasant?”

Truthfully, I am grateful. Consistently.

About Alice Horton

Grateful, Graced, Divinely Graced, Blessed, Favored, Humbled, Awed, Amazed.
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