After the Lightning Storm

Social media sites were filled with amazing photographs.   Outside there is a vibrancy to color of plants with new vigor,  that made me praise our Creator for creativity, diversity, color and scents.

Wow! After the Lightning even the fragrances of flowers were more intense. The bursts of energy does wonders that are just beyond our ability to understand or predict until after it has happened.

Sometimes our lives have similar events of flashes of power and changes that at the beginning may  look like  problems,  negatives and damage.

However it comes to my attention, I must acknowledge the vast diversity of new paths, new economic boosts of local workers,  and the presence of solutions, betterment, positives and lots of lasting good things.

While walking yesterday I found two long screws and a long nail.  Each in an area where drivers often park their vehicles.  Picking them up and putting them in my walking pouch, soon I forgot all about them.

Today, walking  in the same area, I looked down.  There was a quarter. Another step and there was a penny. Tucking them in my walking pouch my hand came to the screws and nail. Reminding me again that there is lot more than me.

Reminding me again that six days back a crumpled and wadded five dollar bill came to my foot’s fall.

There is a kind of Lightning in all the ways of our living. Some people will not see it. Others will not see it and will  argue vehemently  against its existence. Of course they will not see it either.

Me? I am expecting Divine, extreme, manifestation of powerful Lightning-like events, prosperities, people and ideas.



About Alice Horton

Grateful, Graced, Divinely Graced, Blessed, Favored, Humbled, Awed, Amazed.
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