a sound of automatic nail guns fills the air at dawn.

The  neighborhood’s roofers are busy early!  Some have started before daylight with lights and fans and noisy stinky generators powering all the equipment.

We wait for our new roof’s turn, a week, maybe two and then in one day, maybe half a day the transformation will happen.  Gone will be the brown-beige.  A new, deep, charcoal-black will replace that color.

More importantly, the security of no leaks will give us a lot of peace of mind. New turbines for pulling out the heat will replace the ones that were damaged and broken.

Nuisances of noise and  the sounds of people walking around over my head though it may be, it is as it is.   Our costs have been minor really.

We can only be grateful.

About Alice Horton

Grateful, Graced, Divinely Graced, Blessed, Favored, Humbled, Awed, Amazed.
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