Donning my Hat

Usually a hat tops off my look, although the wearing has little to nothing to do with my attire.

In the spring and summer my hats are worn to cover my head, specifically my hair.

This hair is known as ‘natural curly’. The title is a bit of a misnomer.

Kinky-curly-matting-like- frizzy felt that takes loft like silver wings sprouted halo-like is more accurate. Humidity or no humidity, my hair is  equally, atmospherical frizzy.

The length is better at shoulder or longer. The weight helps stretch out a lot of the curl. Shorter lengths have allowed it to curl into a frizzy-kinky mess that then becomes an hour-long combing through the matting, session.

So a hat is worn. Doubling as shade for my eyes and skin, a hat hides the enemy hair.

Besides the shade, and the hiding of hair, wearing a hat seems to be a bit of a unique look.  In the spring and summer most of my hats are made of straw or light weight fabrics. In the winter, they are more constructed and have warmer fabrics. And for some reason, the hat seems to invite comment from strangers.

Nothing offensive, just comments: Nice hat. Colorful cap. Be sure to keep your hat on. I have no idea about why or a reason for that last one, but I have heard it several times from different people while wearing different hats. Hmmmmm.


About Alice Horton

Grateful, Graced, Divinely Graced, Blessed, Favored, Humbled, Awed, Amazed.
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