To Weight or not To Weight

A Dearheart speaking of personal  weight. ‘Am I fat?’ Was the question posed to me.

Hmmmmm. Before I answered I considered so many things.  The Questioner is one of those seriously attractive people.  Drop dead, stop people in their tracks and make them turn around to look again, attractive.

Then I considered other folks and their ‘ weight issues’.

First to mind was me.  I thought I had a ‘bug’ or a twenty -four hour virus, when I became sick. Over the counter Pepto Bismol, bed rest and lots of water would bring back to health in no time. Not so.  The next day I was so sick I didn’t know I was sick. The third day movement from my bed was very difficult and especially exhausting.

When my husband returned, late the third night, and saw my state of bare existence, he insisted on taking me to the  Doctor.

I could barely stand, much less walk.  In the Exam room I collapsed.

The Doctor came in and with just a few questions diagnosed my condition.  Then he told me flat out. “You could have died.  Or gone into seizures. You’ve lost fourteen pounds in four days ( I had stopped by for a Blood Pressure check five days before and was weighed then).  I was so humbled and grateful. And grateful for having been ‘overweight’.  Without that ‘excess weight’, truly,  I might have died.

I recalled another acquaintance.  After diligence and near starvation, forty pounds were gone in two and half months time .  This person said,  “Look at these legs! Aren’t they fabulous?” There was talk of a wardrobe that now fit, once again.

Two weeks later, this person was diagnosed with Lung Cancer.  Two-thirds of a lung had to be removed.  The weight fell off as if it was in  fifty pound weights, and twenty pound weights.  Not long after that the Chemo began.  There was more weight lost. Then Death’s release.

In the days of this person’s struggle, I often thought of the forty pound loss.  Often I wondered if it would have helped give strength…………………

Now, today I am a little bit or maybe a lot overweight.  I walk to maintain Cardio health.  I am cautious of the dense, heavy  calories in Pork.  And I eat a lot of vegetables. Easy in  these Aux Arcs. Our flavorful fruits and vegetables are sought world over.  Yet, I am ‘overweight .’




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