Rear Ended

That suddenly, that unexpectedly, the two words and all that they mean in the way of experience and definition happened to me Saturday the 13, about 1:35.

My car will be what is called, Total-ed. The physical injuries are still hurtful, problematic and scary. Doctors and their tests, lots of tests,  will soon absorb my days. I’ve become a statistic.  I’ve had nightmares related to the accident. I had to empty my car of all the stuff I stored  for future use,  and carried place to place.

To, I am learning the fine details of maneuvering in a giant monster of rental vehicle.  The radio is so very complicated. There are blinking lights and dials and buttons to push and an assortment of options on a touch screen.  I haven’t heard any sound from it as yet though.  It has XM and other Satellite stations, it can talk to me and tell that it is time to have its oil changed,  and yet it doesn’t communicate with other star’s inhabitants.  Drat.

The difficulties presented with the accident  are so many and  among so many other confusing ways  Ex. The ‘Other guy’s insurance’  will pay for extra collision insurance: 15.99 per day on the rental they had me get ( five days after the accident) but they will not pay co-pay at the Doctor’s or give me insurance with which to see the Doctor.  I have to pay all that, then they will ‘discuss’ paying the charges with my insurance……….Discuss…..

There well also be ‘loss’ on my car. For some reason the Other Guy’s Insurance people seem to think I should know that already, accept it without a blink, and make no challenge to them……

The Other Guy’s Insurance People I have talked with are so friendly, and they refer to me as Miss Alice, all sweetness and light, all the while the victimization of me, my peace, my safety, my time and my money,  are frequent and catalogued. When I question them or challenge what they are doing and not doing, then they say: Oh we have to do it this way. Oh we can not do it any other way.







About Alice Horton

Grateful, Graced, Divinely Graced, Blessed, Favored, Humbled, Awed, Amazed.
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