An Artist Remembers

Many years past, I fell into a state of joy using Pastels as a medium for my expressed visions.  These heavily pigmented sticks are expensive as art supplies go; about four dollars a piece, and go quickly on a surface sanded especially for painting. Considering that my works are large-ish two feet by three or so feet, it takes many sticks of color.

The vibrancy that meets my eyes with their use is stunning! Breathing the dust is not so pleasant. Often I wear a mask and rubber gloves. It is tedious and tiresome sweeping or vacuuming the mess.  

But. What Pastels do for a landscape is beyond compare to other mediums. 

Also, in those decades past, I began a journal of works I would create. Sketches, notes, photographs and more photographs of different but similar places, lighting situations and different looks of weather, were accumulated.  These plans were as thorough as a person born in late August or early September could make them.

Hours were used in the study of my medium. More hours were used in studying other artists who used Pastels as their medium. Google research over several weeks to determine the finer points of using or not using evaporatives or fixatives. I chose abstinence of those products.

Countless were the weekends my beloved and I spent strolling galleries, museums and various outdoor events of truly great artists.

Deep and lasting in their effects, have been the meditations and contemplations and joy from working the hours, sometimes in the triple digit hours, creating my art.

Hard work, lots of lifting, ladder climbing, and great entertainment and lots of fun, did I  experience having a ‘show’ of my art.  Especially, my sweet face showed wonder and awe.

The truest of the true art were the people who looked at my precious, carefully created works and earnestly  wanted me to know what they paid for framing (five and eight hundred dollars) their cheap and wrinkled copy cat prints, beneath cheaper plexiglass and crooked mats. They, more than one, showed me pictures, of their living room wall, their hall wall, their dining room wall……….

Curious to me were the people who were so bold as to hint, strongly hint, that they had just the place to hang a work of mine if I would be so kind as to gift it to them.  Assuring me they like the same colors I liked. Then there were hints, more hints, and pictures more pictures.






About Alice Horton

Grateful, Graced, Divinely Graced, Blessed, Favored, Humbled, Awed, Amazed.
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