The day before Thanksgiving………

Friends are in from Virginia. We enjoyed a flavorful meal and lots of laughter interspersed with conversation last night.

Tonight will be a family meeting with the all-American, and a favorite of various Pizza choices. Thanksgiving and a birthday celebration are the reasons for the gathering.

Recently my thoughts have turned to people who are quite special on a planet of so many billions of folks. I’ve looked at the statistics of how many people are literate, who can read.  Then when I compare that information with how many people who can write, actually form letters onto a surface and use them to convey their ideas, thoughts, instructions, then the numbers drop, dramatically. To further refine the criteria and include people who draw and paint and compose music, design buildings, create world’s of fiction in novels, is to see a minute percentage of the global population.

I believe this teensy-weensy percentage of people are Divinely Appointed to use their words. Maybe I and we do not know what to do with those words, or how to use them.  Limiting or denying our story, our perspectives, is not an option.

Libraries are littered with texts written by people who had no intention publishing. Diaries and journals and mathematical calculations reach across centuries to speak into our awareness today.

I believe there are people who are special. They write of their experiences, some of which are thick with horrors and traumas and tragedy, yet they rise high and beyond the reach of the foul damning monsters and become stars to guide other people, people they will not ever meet or know of,  through the darkness.

So many times I’ve wondered ‘What is my purpose?’. Not a question asked by just me.  So many as to be countless are the people I have heard question the same thing.  Now, on this day before Thanksgiving, six plus decades into my life, I know the answer.  Finally, I put things together in my thoughts to come to a ‘Duh!’ moment.

I’m born into a nation of constitutionally protected freedoms and liberties I was taught. I read, I write, I paint paintings. I use my words to tell stories. I have the liberty to do anything I want.

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Grateful, Graced, Divinely Graced, Blessed, Favored, Humbled, Awed, Amazed.
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