DNA Wow- O -Wow

The quest to understand this hair led me to the testing of DNA. Genealogically I knew my ancestry, but the hair issue was/is perplexing.

Issue defined as a problem, after problem, after problem; Problem defined as one hassle after another in my hair care unless I allow it to be weighted down with all kinds of product for many days at a time.  Then it looks a lot like slicked down nasty mess.

Left alone; clean with no products, it becomes a frizzy mass like a huge halo that feels as if I will take flight at any moment.  If I were brave enough to attempt wide toothed combing it would be efforts in futility not unlike combing carpet.

Too, the heat from such dense, kinky, frizzy curls can be hot. Hot all the time hot.  Sweat-producing heat which makes the hair curlier even though at six plus decades of age, I am still surprised when this happens.

Spit in a cup, more or less, send off in a postage paid packet, wait.

Ta-da. Results. Mostly I’m Caucasian from the very most Caucasian clans on the planet. My family connections are prominently Nordic, Scottish, Welsh and a smattering of German.

Really, I’m surprised I see a reflection in the mirror.  I am not invisible.

No explanation for the kinky-curly, the tendency of hair matted like a felt hat.

Eeeek. So much for my understanding the hair issue, the problem however one wishes to define it.

But it does explain the teeth.  All my life I’ve wanted pretty American teeth. Considering I have documented double lineage to the ship Anna in 1692, by all rights I should have pretty American teeth.

But NO! These pearls for chewing have cost in the vicinity of many thousands of dollars. Yearly, recently even, a few hundred dollars.  Dingy they are, prone to cavities, no matter how much flossing or Water Picking I do, or holding horrid mouthwash in my mouth for a full minute; THREE TIMES A DAY.

Why? They are Scottish teeth.






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