Upside Down Tacos

Upside down tacos was our meal of choice for the evening. So named because the messiness of trying to eat a half moon shaped taco and enjoy all it offers is challenging.

Instead, we assemble the different ingredients around each one’s plate and with tortilla chips we enjoy bite after bite without dropping pieces onto the table and the floor or having bits of lettuce hanging from our chins.

It is a fun meal project.  Our kitchen is quite small, with four people at one time in there it becomes a special kind of dance. Sometimes the plate will be held high over the head by one person while another person may bend and dip to make a little more room. Too,  there is a fair amount of swing and slide stepping as we each and all move to our own drummer.

Because the refrigerator is at the closed end of the kitchen, getting ice for our drinks can be its own kind of comedy. But I dare not place a video for all to see.

The silly chatter, the lighthearted humour as we each make the tight fit a pleasant gathering, is a treasured joy. Reaching over, mind reading and eye rolling are common but important occurrences that add to the suppertime at our house. Over the table, we have a five by seven-inch copy of the Desiderata which flavours our consciousness as we go from our meal.



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