Observations Along My Day

How easy it is to not meet as planned! Let me say at the beginning that this ‘meet’ was not what I wanted on my radar for a couple of weeks or even a month. But there it was on my phones text screen.  Eeeeek. The negotiation for the time and the place over four daytime days

The negotiation for the time and the place stretched over four daytime days. This day or that is better for me. The Beloved Inviting One insisted, ‘Oh no!

‘Oh no! It has got to be that or this, this week!” A lot of messages back and forth for two and maybe a half days.  Then we came to the dilemma of place.  Two more days of this place, not that place, and a lot of: if we do that then I will have to do this.

More eye rolling, mine with many breaths deeply taken.

We got it all set.  The time the place. Whoo-hoo. In less than five minutes, maybe less than a minute, I got a text extraordinaire: “Wait, never mind,  well maybe, maybe not. I may have a. conflicting appointment. I will let you know.”

Days went by one, two, three. No call. No text.  The appointed time approached rapidly.

Hmmmm. So I asked. “What about this XYZ,?” I did not remind about who started it, or the number of texts and messages,

The response startled me to gape-mouthed expression. My eyes are still wide.

“Oh yes, that is on. Didn’t I tell you?” more deep breaths mine. Still not my idea, but ok. I say. “Yes, see you then.” Then I get another message.

“Would it be OK if I bring SuchNSo?” Then an additional message. “SuchNSo is lots of fun and I just adore SuchNSo.”

I’ve met SuchNSo. No fun. The times I have seen SuchNSo without the Beloved Inviting One, SuchNSo has been hateful, to other people, and to me.

I  am laughing. I shake my head side to side. I roll my eyes. I wonder if this how a friend treats a friend?


Any guesses

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