Readers are people of rare presence in this global community of XYZ Billion people.

Do know, that as I write these words with no option for Text to Speech, I am awed, humbled and wide-eyed.

Researching my ancestry across decades and continents came the discovery of Scribes as consistent as males or females. The youth were educated to do both: read and write, and often illustrated with drawings. More recently my grandmother wore reading glasses she did not need for her vision, to show that she knew how to read. She carried a pen on a chain to show that she knew how to write.

Employing the assists of Google my researcher’s rabbit-like route led to rapidly declining numbers regarding the numbers of people who make decisions to read multiples of books WEEKLY.

Rarer than fine diamonds are those people.

Whether they read digital or print they are reading and doing lots of reading on many diverse topics. The lifestyle of these folks is one of quiet settling the physical self for long times to have eyes on text page after page while traveling to other worlds and being in a relationship with strangers who do not exist.

Certainly, there are people who read by listening to books on tape, but the research’s numbers drop into the realm of two percent with the people who read multiples of works every week that are text, print on paper.

Several months ago, when I first began this odyssey of insights about people who read, I might have considered myself common among ordinary everyday folks. Now, I must acknowledge the special, special, special significance of my place among the facts.

We, readers, are visitors by our readership with authors from centuries past sometimes. This is 2018 and I am reading written works right now from the eighteen hundreds. I think about that and I am mind boggled. We readers walk imaginary paths in realms not yet discovered. We learn to use items of technology not yet invented or manufactured.

We, readers, get comfortable with complex concepts and abilities by reading of them before we undertake to do them. The works of Leonardo Da Vince speak across time to my sight and considerations right now today on this Monday morning.

Might I suggest, the very next time someone tells you, dear reader, that you are special: believe it.







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  1. Sarah Phillips Burger says:

    “…being in a relationship with strangers who do not exist.” Yes. Yes. Yes. Love this line.

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