Erm. Ahem. Please Pardon My Notification Sounds……..

At a favorite meeting place with other writers, my cell phone pinged and ding-a-linged and chimed. At times the conversation was intense and moving all around the room.

My phone continued its sounds for different notifications. I did nothing to stop its chatter.  I considered changing a few of the sounds to something louder and maybe more distinct.

The day before I lost the very same phone. Completely lost. Could not find in a many hours search of a small closet, a small bathroom and two twelve by fourteen feet rooms.

Five of the walls are shelved with many books and art papers and paints and assorted framing supplies. My organized chaos.  I knew where everything except my phone was supposed to be.

The area is not so much remote as it is isolated from other humans. In plain sight, a thousand or more drivers go whizzing by in their cars, usually at a rate of sixty miles per hour in a thirty mph zone. In a two-mile radius of my frantic search, I had no human to call my phone for me.

Up and down I searched. Shelf after shelf in a careful systematic search I  thoroughly looked through stacks of papers, magazines, sketchbooks and assorted junk.

I contemplated my history with the phone.

Where had I last had it?  I asked myself.

‘Somewhere near.’ I replied Hmmmm.

What an exhausting, anxiety-provoking loss it was to experience.

At last on the sill of a window, my phone’s matte black rubber case came to hand. Elation and a bit of a happy dance ensued. The cat tipped her head to the side. Her eyes questioned and seemed to doubt my well being.

After that, I went into my phone’s Settings. I installed the loudest, most distinctive sounds I could find on each and every app. I installed a few apps I did not have before. They too got noisy notification sounds. The screen lights up and stays lit for a few moments.

Since then my phone is talkative from the time I turn it on in the morning until I turn it off at night.

Now, if I could find something similar for my keys…………….


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Grateful, Graced, Divinely Graced, Blessed, Favored, Humbled, Awed, Amazed.
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