Knowing Me

Knowing me is easy peasy, a reading of previous posts is quite telling. True, I’ve not posted in over a year.  However, a reading review of previous posts continues to speak to the real me.

Hence the title: Alice Horton’s Real Life.

Too, I continue to hide in plain sight. People who might want to know me, the today me that is, will not find much in the way of ‘me’ in the details, the facts or figures from decades past.

Not that anything is gone, or different; but maybe covered over with streams of additions.

A life of many raindrops makes for deep waters indeed.

Perhaps more revealing might be questions that beg for revelation of my deepest take on the subject questioned.

For example: What offends: Answer: Intelligence captured and held in the ignorance of laziness.

Or people who are so shallow as to be gossipy about a person or persons absent and not once do these gossips ask about the tidbit’s truth as they malign and ruin the life they gossip about.

Or, people who hire or sometimes are hired for a job based on their place in ‘the club’, ‘the group’, or, ‘the family’, etc. while a person who is capable, intelligent, inclined and  energetic, who has genuine need is disregarded.

Too, petty though it may seem, the people who refuse to learn how to spell  the words they use before they post them on the internet for all to see their boastful ‘whatever’ in all of its misspelled glory.

The greed of corporations who destroy communities and culture for the nothingness of profit make me nauseous. And their boastful bravado over that nothingness.

I am truly a snob about snobs. If someone is not kind they are clearly not my kind. I really do not care for cliques and clubs and groups and exclusionary ways and means of doing whatever.

What brings joy? Kindnesses done privately without bravado, gorgeous displays of natural beauty done by the Best and Divine Artist, hugs from long absent friends, and helps, and frequently witnessed courtesies shown to strangers and friends equally. Genuine art, in word or painting or photographed that is fresh and new and radiating joy.

The preceding sentences speak to the ‘real’ me in seemingly minor ways that have been my consistent thoughts and attitudes over my lifetime.




About Alice Horton

Grateful, Graced, Divinely Graced, Blessed, Favored, Humbled, Awed, Amazed.
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