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Knowing Me

Knowing me is easy peasy, a reading of previous posts is quite telling. True, I’ve not posted in over a year.  However, a reading review of previous posts continues to speak to the real me. Hence the title: Alice Horton’s … Continue reading

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Erm. Ahem. Please Pardon My Notification Sounds……..

At a favorite meeting place with other writers, my cell phone pinged and ding-a-linged and chimed. At times the conversation was intense and moving all around the room. My phone continued its sounds for different notifications. I did nothing to … Continue reading

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Drawing Lines

As a Sophmore access to the school’s art program could only be achieved by submitting works that spoke to the use of line, texture, emotion, balance and movement. Then there were the verbal agreements: keep a sketchbook, sketch, sketch and … Continue reading

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Readers are people of rare presence in this global community of XYZ Billion people. Do know, that as I write these words with no option for Text to Speech, I am awed, humbled and wide-eyed. Researching my ancestry across decades … Continue reading

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Fifty-two Words

Fifty-two words guide my week. Much like the Word of the Week some schools post on their outdoor signs. My words are neutral but wise reminders: Diligence, Responsibility, Patience, Compassion are but a few. I print out a page of … Continue reading

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Thoughts Across Three Miles…… Whew!

People! People! People! What creatures of manipulating other people-creatures into states of anxiety, stress. frustration and sometimes generalized angst.  And that is phrasing it mildly. People who drive their vehicles on  a twenty-five mile per hour street at sixty and … Continue reading

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The Mighty Ant Brigade

The mighty ant brigade almost escaped my attention. Small, like sprinkles of black pepper, the ants moved in a tight serpentine line across my porch. I took one giant step over them and continued my pursuit of one of my … Continue reading

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