My Way……………..

My ways are consistent. With only seven days in a week and all of them broken into morning, noon, afternoon, and evening, easily ‘same old’ ‘same old’, but for me there is a sense of reverence for the ‘same old’, and I am humbled and grateful that I continue to be allowed breath and to be a part of this world.

I rise about the same times during the night for the same reason. Sleeplessness is also right on schedule, and at just a few of the same times are shown on the clock face, even if it is off by a couple of minutes.

Then, my response is the same, get up, go do what will be done, (I just choose the place.) Get a bit a milk, a few saltines, or maybe some Gingersnaps, to enjoy while I read my Bible.

In the morning I will wake, not gradually, but wide awake. Maybe there will be some stiffness in parts that want to stay in bed, but I make myself and my thoughts move into an attitude of gratitude for the day, my life, for warmth in the winter and cool in the summer. I reach for a glass of fresh water and this too, I recognize as a joy and delight not known or enjoyed by ninety-eight per cent of our planet’s population.

‘Thank you Lord’ are common and intensely, deeply, heartfelt words slipping from my lips.

Sundays are for church and simple things; PBS radio, and Prairie Home Companion, Thistle and Shamrock are common afternoon pleasures.

Weekdays seem to fly by in blurry busy-ness. My church people are also known as my Beloveds and I like to call and enjoy brief conversations with each. Many people write me, via Email, and I read and respond to those, regularly. Too, my other writing projects absorb a lot of time, as the subjects of my writing are diverse and sometimes complicated, requiring me to do research many area.

The contemplative thoughts, to assure I write as I intend, take the most time. Mix into that the diversity of Genres I am drawn to, a day can vanish in a moment. I like to send handwritten notes and cards to Beloveds no longer near, and I like to remember the Holiday of the month. The Binary Log pursuit is a new and learning process that interests me.

More and more these days, I am inclined to consider some kind of internet ‘selling’ project as means of letting go some of my ‘treasures’ that I tire of dusting. At this time, though, I am in the research phase, reading and learning of Ebay and Etsy, as possible vendor sites .

Then too, I am an Artist in Pastels. In this area of artistic pursuits, I do not suffer doubt, or angsts, or anxiety. The ‘blank page’ is nothing more than a, temporarily, blank page. I do not freeze or tremble or fear. These paintings are done most often, from photographs composed and taken by me, in My Space, also known as my Artist’s Abode or Author’s Abode. Plain Air in the Aux Arcs is soaked with humidity, ticks, chiggers, sun, and sometimes two legged intrusions, and not at all for me.

Any ‘mistakes’ done, are shredded (*a) and the project is started over. My works are considered Master works, some are in collections across the country, maybe farther. But the Copyright of the work is mine, should I or my heirs consider profiting through ‘reprint’ or some other economic means.

One evening a week I teach English as a Second Language. I create the materials for this, and probably these will be collated into a marketable resource for Language advancement at a later time.

The other evenings are for quiet times at home, with my husband.

Saturdays are our, my husband and I, Garage Sale adventures. Sometimes we will take in an Estate Sale. We might have breakfast out, maybe at a fast food franchised place, or maybe in a local restaurant. If we are traveling, we will go online wherever we are, and find the local garage sales.

These are some of the day to day things that are done, My Way.

*a: ……..I believe if we were to check the graves of some famous artists long gone, we would find them rolling in their graves at the travesty and tragedies of their practice, throw-away-sketches, being shown and analyzed and sold………..

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