Was it forgetfulness or was it maybe, the other far more aggravating culprit, the dreaded Not Paying attention.

So many times, myself and other folks I talk with, lament the loss of memory.  Maybe a name escapes recollection, or the car keys are somewhere ‘unknown’.  Worry, Worry, Worry. Not.

It is not an irreversible condition of obscure malady.

Might I suggest that paying attention is medicine most needed.

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AAAA Alice Horton

Maybe it doesn’t look like much with out its back ground story.

A camera doesn’t really do it justice.  It is three and seven-eights inches wide, by  seven inches long, and about an inch thick.

A decade or more back, I told the Lord I wanted a bible of those exact dimensions.  I said also that I wanted it to be  bound in black leather, and in a version I could read and understand annnnnd in a font I could read.  And, an especially important detail: I didn’t want to have to pay an outrageous amount of money for this Bible.

That was on a Wednesday. I prayed it and stopped thinking about it.

On the Friday two days later, my husband thought we should take an impromptu trip north.  I agreed and away we went.

The next morning we were in a thrift-store. Its a weekend past-time wherever we may be to go to garage sales and thrift stores.

In a bin full of bibles this jewel waited for my hand.  Its price? Free. The thrift store didn’t believe in selling Bibles.

The text is single-column and the reading is easy.

Countless are the times I’ve pulled this precious, jewel out to read, to share its wisdom with other people, when I am reminded of how powerful, how loving, and how awesome is the Lord.


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A photograph came to hand and then sight. With it, the question to my memory, Why did I stop our association?

Then I remembered, as I had remembered a few other times.

This time I tossed the photo in the trash. The only time i thought of the person was when I saw their face in the  photograph.

That is the best time to free my thoughts to consider and think and remember and smile and laugh with new faces in more recent events and pictures.

I must share, in all honesty, that the people who are no more in  my association are fine folks, not offensive to the sight or nostrils, usually, not toxic with  negatives and droll and dull personalities.

Perhaps their greatest faults were that they did not like me, or care for me.  Nor did they appreciate or value anything I might have done for them.

Their only appreciation of me was as an object of their derision.

Their practice was to make fun of, mock, demean, and insult to my face.  In my absence, when they would be with other people, some of whom would share what they heard or recorded, I was the subject of their She-itis.

‘She did this.  Ha-Ha. She did that. Hmph Hmph! Disdain and contempt!”

It only makes sense that I contact them no more. I have a Cat for those roles in my life.


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Movies:                    Books:

The Way                   Pioneer Women by Joanna L. Stratton

Mr. Turner               Blind Rage by Anita Paddock

St. Vincent                A Prayer Book For Spiritual Friends

by Madeleine L’ Engle and Luci Shaw

Upon reflection of these titles and their stories, I realize there is much diversity!

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came in  a loud and very public way.

To an ‘audience’ of about sixty persons, an ‘announcement’ was made: ‘The ‘Group’s lunch will be on Tuesday at noon, at  XYZ restaurant.’

Wanting to confirm that I heard correctly, I stood, (in a very public place), turned to face the ‘Group’, and said with a question in my voice, ‘Tuesday at noon, at  XYZ restaurant, correct?’

‘Oh yes! We hope you can be there, Tuesday at noon, at XYZ restaurant.’.

Tuesday, at 12:03, I arrived at XYZ restaurant. Most of the ‘Group’ were there and nearly finished with ‘their’ lunch.  A look of questioning  must have consumed my face, which shows EVERYTHING.

“Oh,” One of the ‘Group’ said, adding quickly:  “We decided to change the time to eleven. The XYZ restaurant is so busy at noon.  We sent out emails. But we didn’t have yours.”

Note to self: the obvious lack of consideration, respect, or couth, so early in our would be ‘association’ was so very telling, and very freeing for ‘future projects’ and liberating.

A personal rule of of conduct is:  Do not make Priority the people who make respect, for me or anyone else, an Option.

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It is the simple things, shared with another, that make us each feel better.

Recently a friend needed help with a Resume.  Now a Resume is not my area of expertise. However on my computer are several models to consider and maybe use. My job was to share, to make a bit of time (which is a special joy) to get together, print off a few samples, and then discuss the pros and cons of the different versions.

Easy-peasy.  While in the process of Resume creation, we talked, we laughed, we laughed some more, we prayed, we had ginger snaps with our coffee, annnnnd: we created a Resume that will get her a job.

Our time together was simple, casual, the food we enjoyed was pre-packaged; no fuss, no muss, annnnnd  simple.

Simple, casual, and easy are the key words we might consider using as a standard of measure of what we do.



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Was that emotions are choices. Options. Decisions to be made, and maybe changed, a time or two or ten, to other decisions that might work better.


How many times in youth and ignorance and laziness of inclination, did I rail against the truth. Empowering reasons as my point of validation.

To friends,  I would rant, justifying my place of emotions: “Anyone would feel this way if XYZ did that to them.” or, “said that to them.”  They would be be p***d of too!

Later, much later, it hit my thoughts strongly: maybe not. And then the real biggie:  Why? Why would anyone put so much energy into something/ anything, so truly, (in hindsight ) petty and insignificant.

For sure it is not what other people do ‘to’ us, or say ‘to’ us. For sure it is what we do with what and how other people treat us.

And do we continue to frequent the company of the ones who are so silly, or mean, or without control of their mouths, or Heaven forbid, their other hurtful parts.

Emotions, and our attitudes in their right or wrong use, are completely, totally within our selective control.

Too, I learned that stubbornness reacts. Determination initiates.

Just saying between me and my oh so dear reader.



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Ministries I Watch

and study:

Charles and Myrtle Fillmore  Unity Thought   Methodist

Jimmy and Karen Evans

Charles Stanley

Joel Osteen

Joseph Prince

Joyce Meyer

John Hagee

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The Question

The question that was asked of me was simple, straight forward yet thorough, and the answer required long contemplation and remembrances.

What were you doing, thinking, seriously, strongly considering, headed straight to, WHEN that huge, life altering, grief bearing, physical trauma bearing, event, conversation, relationship, goal, came to you?

The next question, How did that serve you?

The last question, of all your life lessons, would you prefer to learn by observation or actual experiences?

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Movies I enjoy

Over and over, not necessarily in this order:

The Last of the Dog Men

A Love Song for Bobby Long

Where the Heart Is

The Answer Man

My Talks With Dean Spanley

To Kill a Mockingbird

Words and Pictures

The World’s Best Most Exotic Marigold Hotel

The Intentionals

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

Heart and Souls

50 First Dates

Still Breathing

Mendocino Man


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