The real life day to day living……………………

We are the new kind of family in the way of ancient anything to do with people, is often, commonly called new.

A foursome of two legged loved ones: me, my husband, our son, and his girlfriend.  Our grand dog-hter a canine twelve-year old. There have been felines, fowl and a run-away monkey hid in our Sycamore for a while, but I think the squirrels and blue jays made him feel unwelcome, so his stay was cut short.

I we are avid ‘film’ viewers, readers of good books and magazines. Some, many is a better word, of our best social experiences are at the Garage Sales we visit, and experiences at church, and sometimes Wal-Mart . A few have happened in art galleries and museums.

We all work for a living, although some of our work done is not for a paycheck from an employer.

Our living arrangement is one of pleasures and contentment and rightness one minute with aggravations and frustrations the next.  Two families of adults  under one roof require lots of effort, tongue biting, liberty to stomp off and pout, and occasionally, sadly maybe, curse.  How the little dog girl manages to love us each equally and individually is a daily lesson in Love and Truth.

Our home is modest and simple, in need of some ‘updating’ in some areas, that is not likely to happen anytime soon.  There is too much living to do to spend time and energy and money that way. We drive, walk and ride to most anywhere we want to go.

If we have a one word motto, it is THANKFULNESS. We are. We mean it.  We recommend it. I am considering options of ‘names’ for our home, us as individuals, that I can use a blog reference.  We’ll see as time goes on.




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