All About Me, and Me About All

Surprised every time there is an inquiry expressed to know me better.

Why? I wonder with no small amount of suspicion.

I am same-old-same-old, all the time.  There are only seven days in week, the variances to any, are almost none. Holidays and sickness just complicate and fill them fuller.

Some one could probably assassinate me, my schedule is so regular and consistent.

Starting earlier than the Sun is my usual routine.  I begin with, ‘Thank You Lord.’ Many times over. I drink a glass of water, go to the bathroom, gather morning medicines, and go to the living room to greet my husband.  ( he is almost always earlier than I.)

Often, there is a glass-canning-jar-with-a-handle ‘cup’ of coffee waiting with the perfect caramel color from creamer and sweetness from Truvia. Folgers. Simple. Delicious. Consistent.

Like the tea-towels I embroidered as child, the day of the week determines the events of the day: Monday is for washing, Tuesday is for baking; through the days of the week to:  Sunday is for church.

Technology has been a good, good friend in its support of my scheduled life choices.  Mondays I ‘turn’ on cell phone, and land lines, I read emails or texts or news things, or Facebook, or listen to voice messages.

From a good friend I learned that these things are for ‘my’ convenience, and I use them as such.

There is no circumstance in which I will try to have a conversation with one person on the telephone, while in the physical presence of another person.

There is a certain amount of ‘rudeness’ in those kinds of actions, (in my opinion), and  I will not participate in such sports of rudeness, disrespect, uncouth, callous,  self-absorption,  from people who want my attention to their ‘antics’.

A bit of humor comes to mind:  What part of poor planning on your part makes it an emergency on my part?

My ‘real friends’ listened when I said.

“I can love at a distance.”

“There is no emergency that I can, or will,  handle, in a state of sleepy-groggy.”

“Daily you are in my prayers, and God is in charge, therefore, all is in divine order.”

My mornings are care and maintenance of the body, cleaning, and fueling,  and presenting and exercising, care and maintenance of the soul: reading my bible, listening to TV ministers and other wisdom teachers.

Errands and bill paying are in midst of all these, and everywhere I am, there are writing instruments.   I make notes for the hours I have carved out for my creative pursuits.

A sign for the random public, at my Author’s Abode reads: “By appointment, or specific invitation, or key.”

I mean it. I adhere to this. I do not answer random ‘knocks’.

Saturdays are exclusive to my husband, and my family.  We have our ‘Friday Night Date Night’ on Saturday mornings. Then we consume the entire day and evening with ‘our’ stuff.  Seldom, if ever, do I talk with anyone who would ‘butt in’ with their ‘stuff’ to distract or disturb ‘Our stuff’.

One evening a week, I teach some students.

The other six evenings are specific for meal preparations, (we sit at a little table in the kitchen), have our meal and conversation. Later, we watch a couple of hours TV and get ready for bed.  Again, this time is for home-family, house, yard, pet. Us.  Just us.

Sundays, are for church, and family, and visiting ‘shut-ins’, who are hospitalized, or in a care facility. There is a lot of driving and I/we talk, or listen to Sunday’s PBS radio programs.

Monday through Friday, are the days I visit, in some way, with friends.

Certainly, I make exceptions for exceptional situations.

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