The Nursing Home

There is new paper going up in the dining room and it is not the place for me or mom.

I darted in to make two quick cups of coffee to be enjoyed more toward the front of the building with big windows and views that stretch beyond the parking lot to show hill after ridge after mountains.

Mom and I spoke little.  Seeing one another almost everyday our conversation lacks new topics, and we are comfortable with silence and smiles and eye language.

As I went to make my leave I pushed Mom’s chair to a different area, one with a large atrium with many variety of birds and the constancy of their songs.  She enjoys watching their antics and listening to their songs and occasionally the conversation of a visitor or two.

Television is available, with many cable stations from which to choose, but what she and others so often enjoy are the routines of Andy and Barney and stories of Floyd, on The Andy Griffith Show. We all laugh as if it is the first time.

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